Our Story

We are Maddy and Lindsay, sisters-in-law who grew up together in the sunny Okanagan. Our bond grew over shared values of living slower and with simplicity, savouring moments with friends and family, and a love for beautiful things. This led us to Life and Lore.

Our dream was to build a beautiful collection that represented our values. We carry brands that create timeless, quality items made to last—and made with care for both the environment and the people involved in production.

Lindsay and Maddie from Life & Lore
Sunny - Our Story at Life & Lore

What we’re most drawn to, and want to bring to you, is clothing and decor that invoke a feeling of comfort and cosiness, are beautiful, ethical, and made to love year after year. Each item in our shop is carefully selected so we can feel good in it and about it.

We hope that our collection will help you tell your story, too.

Maddie at Life & Lore
Our Promise - Life & Lore

Our Promise

We believe that sustainability doesn’t have to sacrifice style. Well-made, stand-out classics that capture who you are and stay with you season after season are the foundation of our collection. We believe in slow fashion and slow living. When you buy something because you love it whole-heartedly and because it has lasting quality, you can consume less and love each item more. We believe in sourcing ethically. We have vetted our brands for the values that are most important to us and have done our best to ensure that each brand we carry meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • Sustainably made

  • Socially responsible

  • Natural materials

  • Made in North America

  • Women-owned brands