Consume less and love each item more

Consume less and love each item more

When we were brainstorming our ideas for Life & Lore, the main concept we kept coming back to was the idea of slow consumerism. Meaning that it's okay to purchase things just because they bring us joy, but by being very intentional about what we choose to buy, we reduce our impact and increase our satisfaction with our purchases. Here are our top 3 tips for shopping with intention so that you can consume a little less and love each piece a little more, and a little longer.

1. Aim for heirloom quality children's items

When shopping for our kids, it can be really tempting to purchase the most affordable version of every item we're looking for. Let's face it, kids change really quickly. They outgrow clothes, toys, and everything else in the blink of an eye. But by investing in quality pieces that are made to last, your money will actually go a lot further than you think. 

This is especially true for neutral basics. Buying clothing and toys that are good quality and neutral will allow them be passed down to siblings, cousins or sold on consignment. This will not only save you money in the long run, but it will reduce your impact on the planet.

2. Natural materials only get better with age

You could warm up your home for fall by replacing all the pieces you are tired of with seasonal items. But we think focussing on natural materials will add so much effortless warmth and texture to your home, season after season. As natural materials wear, they tend to get softer, the colours fade ever so slightly and they begin to develop their own character. They start to have a life of their own and when they do, they become irreplaceable.

So many of our precious memories are made at home. Snuggling up on the couch under the family favourite blanket, everyone fighting to get their toes covered. That same blanket covering the floor to give the baby a soft spot for tummy time. Holidays spent with family and friends and that very blanket is draped over the foot of the guest bed to provide extra warmth. Over time that blanket may start to fade and soften, the weave may loosen and it may become even more textured. It builds character and a life of its own. Like the laugh lines on our faces, that blanket starts to tell our family's story. And we think that's so beautiful.

3. Be true to yourself

Trends are cool and all, but what's most important is that you LOVE what you buy.

Have you ever fallen into the trend trap of buying something that you think you're supposed to like because it's what's in style and then ended up hating it and never wearing it? Yep, us too. Certain trends won't be for us and that's okay.

Be true to you and only buy what you LOVE. This will save you money, reduce waste and is an act of self love.



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